It’s your marriage and you are probably thinking of running to the parlour to look good. Remember that the parlour make up is for a day, and the facial glow is for a week. To keep your skin healthy and breathing there needs to be a lot of other things to do. Here are some detailed tips:

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water eliminates pimples and acnes. Your skin actually will start glowing. Drink 8 to10 litres of water regularly.

Use home made masks

Clean up in the parlour can also be replicated at home. Make your own packs, like for example use Fuller’s clay with rose water, leave it on skin. Wash off when dry.

Replace soaps with natural cleaners

Soaps are chemicals and lards basically. Instead of using harsh chemicals shift to natural compounds like the skin of pomegranate. Grate the skin of a pomegranate and use it to scrub your body. Thank us later.

Detox your body

We eat a lot of harmful things each day and there’s no way of detoxing. Start drinking infused water. Take a pitcher, cut your favorite fruits like watermelon, kiwi and pudina leaves and fill the pitcher with ice cold water. Refrigerate this for an hour and consume within 4 hours. This cleanses your body of toxins.

Lemon and honey

This is the best combination. Drink this combination in the morning to reduce weight, and have a glowing face. Also don’t forget to coat a lime slice with honey and rub it on your face. Within a day or two your skin will start glowing.


You could rub some curd or milk on your skin daily. This is good enough to make your skin sparkling and glowing. This also removes the tan entirely.


Do you have black patches in your underarm? You simply put two potato slices under your arms and sit. Potatoes are bleaching agents. They’ll do the magic.

Do all of this for a month or two. Then maybe you could even ditch the parlour ladies. Pamper yourself before your day.

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