Well if you are getting married, you must be worried about your skin, and you are probably planning to visit the parlour every other day to moisturize your skin and do your regular facials. After all there is a price to beauty, right? No! This time you are wrong. Save that budget you kept for that parlour, because now you will get flawless skin just by these sets of home remedies. You needn’t do much either- these beauty hacks will give you glowing skin in a few days:

Plain yogurt:

This works wonders, just apply it on your face, and sit for an hour, and rinse off. The natural oils that exude from curd will coat your face, and you will glow beautifully!

Cucumber and yoghurt:

Grate some cucumber and combine with yoghurt. This will act as a natural exfoliate, will remove the dead cells, and tighten your pores. Hold on for at least half an hour and then rinse off!

Oats and honey with yogurt:

Oats is a natural scrubber and honey provides immense nutrition. If you are looking for a scrubber kind of action, followed by moisturizing, this is probably the best way to get your skin sorted for your wedding day.

Egg whites and yogurt:

Imagine the amount of proteins in egg whites, and imagine how much good it can do to your skin. Make a good paste of this mixture and apply this. Rinse off after 1 hour and see the effects.

Apple and honey and yogurt:

Heard of skin friendly vitamins? Apple has them in abundance. Grate the apple, mix with yoghurt and apply on skin. This will nourish your skin from within and give you the radiance that you won’t even get from your parlour trips!

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