There are a lot of things that the bride needs to take care of especially that she is getting married. Being married means to engage in intimate love making, and it is obvious that there will be a lot of physical changes. If it’s the beginning of one’s sexual pursuits, there needs to be a basic thread of hygiene that needs to be maintained. Given below are the specifications of what should be done and what shouldn’t:

  1. Drink a lot of water: water hydrates your system and keeps your body healthy. This might seem like an ordinary tip, but water can make your skin glow, can regulate your blood flow, and can even control your menses.
  2. Eat a lot of curd: your vagina has a flora of bacteria, and to maintain that well, you need a lot of curd. These bacteria will protect you from other harmful infections.
  3. Keep your genitals clean: waxing your genitals is a good idea. Keep the area well cleaned at all times. Use a mild wash, something that has a pH close to 3-4. Your vagina is acidic, and you should not rub strong soaps into it.
  4. Exercise: do your squats and pilates well, just to keep your muscles flexible. Sex is nothing but very hard labour and workout, and if you are not flexible you might land up pulling a muscle or two. Start working out to be in shape and also to keep up your stamina.
  5. Inner wears: stop encouraging cheap lace, as it causes infection. Use cotton for your genitals always. Breathable materials are always preferred since there will be low risk of infection.
  6. Never use hair removal creams for your intimates: Hair removal creams will pigment your intimates, and there might be an allergy. Never opt for them, especially in the intimate areas.

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