If you have a greater budget at hand to spend, then you might as well try abroad for your weddings. Since your wedding is one in a lifetime special day, having an extravagant wedding is no sin. There are a million places that you could tie the knot, and it will be a beautiful and gorgeous affair. Listed below are the sites that you can travel to, for your wedding :


This is a beautiful beach island with exactly blue waters. The best part of the beach is that it is constructed in a way to create a piano. The waters hit the beach to create a musical sound. Need you hear more? Book the resorts here and get hitched.


The sand dunes, the desert winds, the Arabian environment is perfect to get married for the couples who love history. With the background of pyramids in the rear, the photos of your wedding will be mesmerizing.


Did you know that you could book a castle in United Kingdom’s and get hitched there? It would be a grand and private affair, and probably the most memorable incident in your life. The castles usually have vineyards, avenues, and more.


Love the cobbled roads, churches and spires and old buildings and pizza? Try this place to get married, and bask in the glory of Italian lifestyle.


This place is a classic Middle east and it will give you a Arabian twist to your wedding. Try this venue, and remember to do it in the exotic way- the way the Turkish do it.


This is a fine place to tie the knot too. The Mexican environment is rustic and pristine. Try to incorporate as much of the Mexican culture you can when you get hitched here.

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