You might be already aware that a large chunk of your wedding budget goes into food and drinks. It is for the guests who arrive to bless you on your wedding day. The food needs to be of good quality and taste hence. A lot of Indians these days are experimenting with continental foods- and the effect is great. Here’s the menu for the continental lovers:

Lobster with mashed potatoes:

A plate of a large lobster, a serving of mashed potatoes is an excellent main course idea.

Fish fillet with tropical sauces:

There can’t be anyone who doesn’t like fish. A boneless fish served with a generous helping of sauces and asparagus will be tasty and palatable.

Barbeque chicken:

Who doesn’t like baked chicken in herbs and fries? Try this combination to completely impress your guests.


This is an essential one. Keep a Caesar salad instead of the conventional only veggies one. This will be filling and delicious too.


The kids would probably love this, because of the popularity of this food. Keep the toppings interesting, and this will be a hit.

Grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes:

This is one of the classics. The tomato flavor seeps into the chicken and gives it a beautiful finish. Keep this one on the menu if you want your guests to be surprised.


A lot of people love the crunchiness and chewiness of the steak. Use a medium to well done steak, of a preferable meat, and serve it with wine sauce. This dish will definitely be a favourite.


This will be an ideal dessert to finish off the night.


Different tart varieties can be served too, lemon tart being the most common. These are handy, and delicious.

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