It’s the wedding season, and you will soon be tied to your loved one. It is the time to experiment on clothes, makeup and jewelry. It might be the case that so far you haven’t tried on a single piece of saree, but you should really start with experimenting now. Here’s the must have saree collections that you should have:

  1. Paithani from Maharashtra: is a variety of sari, they are woven by hand. Made from very fine silk, it is considered as one of the richest saris in India. Paithani is characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a Peacock design.
  2. Taant from Bengal: the light weight saree with exquisite prints make it a must have. You could buy it in the traditional red and white range.
  3. Kasavu from Kerala: the white saree with the golden border is one of the signature ones that every bride should sport. Not only is it trendy, but also will be great for any formal occasion.
  4. Kanjeevaram: this is the queen of all sarees. Elegance is draped in this six yard piece of cloth. Choose an electrifying blue or green and surprise your husband.
  5. Bomkai from Odisha: this is handwoven and hence is delicate, the patterns make it a must buy.
  6. Bandhani from Gujarat: this is a must because of the light prints, the boutique work and the gorgeous outcome.
  7. Muga silk from Assam: Assam silk is soft, subtle and elegant. The golden threads create magic on the saree making it a must buy.
  8. Banarasi from Varanasi: this is a gorgeous one, with zari and golden threads, and it comes in rich colours and appearances. This is one that every bride must treasure, because this truly is the epitome of beauty.
  9. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh: this is the royal saree yet comes in absolute light weight range. From magenta to blue, Chanderi is one rare saree that is chic, elegant and beautiful.
  10. Leheriya from Rajasthan: this is the see through light weight saree that comes in varieties of colour. These sarees are worth dying for.

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