These days, even men sport jewelry and it looks just fine. A lot of men have taken to wear earrings, some even wear two these days, and still rock the look. While getting married is an important and extremely crucial date, and maybe all of the garment shopping is done, there still needs to be certain accessories that need to be updated, especially the shoes. Here’s what you can experiment with:

Mix and match (contrast):

You might have picked a sherwani for you special day, and you might have got everything else in place, but do not forget shoes. If you have picked a blue sherwani, then it’s the safest to try the contrast dark beige, or light brown. You can pick from the traditional range of Mojaris or Jootis, but make sure that the design in subtle, and is not overdone. Shoes need to be prompt and prim and never should they be the center of attraction.

Go golden:

Golden brocade mojaris are yet another choice, since golden shades go with all colours, this is often a popular choice. Occasionally thread work of golden on white looks classic and gives a chic look to the overall getup.

Try same colours and go monochrome:

Sometimes, a colour similar to the sherwani can also be experimented on. A dark blue sherwani, or a grey sherwani with a dark blue Jutti, or a grey jooti respectively would be magical.

Maharaja style

Regal Jutti with velvet and sequins or jari work is also another popular form. If you are feeling generous and that you want to flaunt your day, wear the gorgeous sikly jootis and surprise the onlookers.

Western shoes:

If you are in the mood to blend Indian and western, nothing like it! Wear a velvet smooth collection of a light shade along with your sherwani, and look like a sleek groom, all ready to posses your bride.

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