You might have left for your honeymoon in a rush, and you might have forgotten to gift his parents something. It is always a good habit to get your in-laws some presents, just to keep the ambience happy. Little gestures matter, and you could try tiny token of love and gratitude, something like a photo frame, with the picture of your in-laws glued to it, or maybe a coffee maker, or some appliance that they need most. Here’s a list of thing that you could gift your husband’s parents:

Photo inspired cookie cutter:

You could literally use photographs to generate cookie cutters, and then buy them a family cookie cutter set. There would be cookies in the shape of your husband, and your in-laws and of course you. If your mother in law likes innovation and baking, this is something she will love.

Natural essential oils:

If your mother in law is a crazy fanatic of natural oils and extracts, gift her with a set of wild aromas and she will be happy.

Bath and wash set:

Nothing better than a hamper of toiletries, perfumes, lotions, moisturizers, and a year’s stock of such goodies. Anybody would kill for a good ration of expensive bath set.

Tea caskets, cutlery from abroad:

This one is a favourite among mothers who love to collect antiques and collectibles. Afghani designs, Mexican designs are all a hit among people who love cutlery.

Hydroflask tumbler and wine bottle:

This one is the best for the father in law, who has a passion for wine and finery. An ideal set, this would make him extremely happy.

A bottle of vintage wine:

Who would not love this gift? A bottle of vintage wine is as good as gold! Gift this to your in-laws and see them beam.

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