The wedding is a very special occasion and you might want to give something to your spouse. This will be a token of your love and appreciation, and he will cherish it forever. There can be a million things you could buy and gift him, but you should try making something that will take his heart by surprise. Here’s a list of things you can give him:

Embroidered handkerchiefs:

You can stitch his name initials on a handkerchief and gift him a set of them. That would be a cute way of saying that you’d always be close to him wherever he is. If you feel handkerchief gifting is a bad omen, you could try embroidering a pillow cover instead.

Make him an album:

This would be an excellent memory pensive for him to look back. Collage all your photos together, and set them up in a colourful paper album and surprise him.

Give him a bottle of his favorite perfume:

Gift him a bottle of his favorite perfume, and he would be extremely elated. He might even wear the perfume to the wedding.

Buy him the sherwani:

He might be telling you his preference of sherwani. It would be best if you buy him the sherwani he wanted to wear. Nothing better than that could happen to him.

Make a wedding card:

Prepare an elaborate card, stating your life plans, your travel destinations, and then gift it to him. He might get a clear clue about your choices and chancesb are that he will be very happy that you are planning with him.

Whatever you do, make it with love, and he’ll be happy sure enough. It’s the effort that matters more, and nothing else. Gift him a part of your heart and tell him how special he is to you.

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