The term wedding brings with it a whole lot of questions and doubts, some of which you can ask your family and friends while some need a thorough research, especially if it’s a first wedding in the family. If you too are planning to get hitched soon, you’ll be able to relate to this rundown of the most googled questions related to wedding.

What to write in a wedding card?

Irrespective of the umpteen wedding cards we’ve seen in our life, most of us are clueless when it comes to deciding the text for our wedding invitation. Needless to say, this is one of the top questions people ask Google.

How much does a wedding cost?

The first and the most crucial part of a wedding is budgeting, and the amount varies with location. A decent Indian wedding with the three common functions roughly costs 20-50 lakh while a destination wedding may cost higher.

How much does a designer lehenga cost?

With the social media competition surging and couples becoming more conscious of their looks, selecting the wedding ensemble, especially for the bride, takes the lead. Inevitably, researching for a designer lehenga consumes maximum time and before the search begins, an idea of its cost would definitely help in deciding further. While a wedding lehenga from less popular designers may fall in the range of 20-40k, the creations from more established ones may cost you up to 20 lakh.

Which are the latest wedding songs?

While the list keeps updating with new songs adding to the genre, there are some numbers which are timeless. For the trending ones, you can check out music apps for trending charts and make a playlist for your ‘sangeet’.

How to plan a destination wedding?

The latest fad among youngsters is destination wedding and the trend is catching up real quick. However, planning one requires an extensive research and budgeting as it can fall heavy on the pockets. We recommend hiring a wedding planner if you want to stay away from all those stress
acne. Alternatively, start with listing down the number of guests and preferred location before proceeding with the other elements.

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