Having bid adieu to all the guests and officially entering the “married” populace, ‘tis time to run away from everyone and get lost in your own new world. But before you lose yourself in the eyes and arms of each other, here is a list of a few oh-so-cute and “just married” things that will up your honeymoon experience and needless to say, attract insane number of likes on your Instagram and Facebook with those pictures you won’t and can’t resist sharing. Take the cue and pack these goodies for a treasured honeymoon…

  1. Complimenting tees and/or sweatshirts – ​Invest in some slogan tees or sweatshirts that have couple messages printed on it. Avoid choosing those cliché messages though…
  2. Customized Mobile phone covers, passport holders and/or luggage tags – ​A little pda looks cute and if it happens by the way of your phone covers or luggage tags, it is just awwdorable.
    Even your passport holders won’t mind a little customization.
  3. Cool, quirky hat & cap combo – ​Go twinning with your sun hat and cap on a beach or simply stroll around the streets with your head gears hanging at the back of your neck. You never know which restaurant or shop is giving discounts to newlyweds. Be spotted!
  4. Cute towels for him & her – ​Whether you take those towels to the beach or to the swimming pool, they will ensure your honeymoon charm stays on even without the above mentioned things by your side.
  5. Matching back packs highlighted with “just married” – ​Get your back packs customised or simply pick a pair with a couple love slogan. It just adds some fun to your mini treks and ensures you get some admiration by the crowd around.
  6. Couple pyjamas – ​Not everything you buy needs to be for the public to wow to; some things should also add to your bedroom fun. Grab some matching pyjamas or shorts for the both of you and have fun clicking those private pyjama times.

Happy honeymoon-ing!

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