Its extremely inconvenient to sport a fat belly, and it’s the toughest to lose out on the fat belt. It usually remains rigid. A lot of believe that running to the gym can help, but it usually doesn’t help much. Once you are busy again, and you forget to hit the gym, your tummy re-grows. The relapse of the fat belt is most painful. It’s like the revisiting of an unwanted neighbor. To get rid of that, follow the steps below:

Working out of full body:

Your body needs a little bit of warm up and exercise to lose that extra weight. You could just opt for cycling, or for running in general. Take up jogging or running, just to keep your body in motion. Do a simple zumba or a belly dance if need be, and lose out the extra weight.

Mind the posture:

Never sit with a slouch, because it enhances the formation of the pouch. Weak muscles affect the calf and tummy, and you shouldn’t let that happen. Remain straight and active, always. Keep your body alert and in straight postures at all times. When working out, concentrate on your muscles well. As and when possible, tuck your tummy in and normalize your breathing. This will soon be a habit, and your muscles will get toned.

Eat smart:

Avoid junk food, fried foods, and oily food. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and salads as and when you an. This will make you feel lighter and better. Increase the fiber in your diet, and breathe more freely while exercising.

Drink healthy:

Quit that bottle of alcohol, and leave out on carbonated drinks. Switch to fruit juices immediately. Fruits help you to maintain proper balance and body temperature. Follow these and you are going to lose that stubborn fat!

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