It might be a while that you have gotten trapped between regular schedules and bindings. Try to step out from these boundaries and explore each other better. Here’s some tips of what you can try:

  1. As your partner about his fantasies: men tend to have a lot of weird fantasies that they do not share until asked. If you ask him the question, he might even come up with the truth and tell you what he wants: sometimes it could be as common as air hostess sex.
  2. Do not judge him: after he has confided, do not judge him at all, and go with the flow. Pretend to be whatever he wants and have a session of amazing role play sex.
  3. Try a new board game: there are dice games available for couples which go into the intricacies of the loser doing something kinky. This is something that you may indulge to. The rest of course will be history.
  4. Try naked poker: play a game of poker and the one who loses each round will strip. Of course you know where this is leading?
  5. Try blindfolds: take blindfolds to bed one day. Cover up his eyes or cover up yours and you’re good to go for one steamy night.
  6. Try from scratch: take a shower together. Then slowly move to the bedroom. That will change things surely.
  7. Try all kinds of surfaces: you’ve done the bed, now shift to other surfaces like kitchen table, kitchen floor, verandah! The choices are uncountable.
  8. Leave each other seducing texts: while at work, leave a sudden seducing text and wait for the other person to respond. This will surely spice things up when you get home.
  9. Try the conventional: prepare the room elaborately, try dim lights, candles and set the mood.
  10. Initiate first: try to initiate the sex for the first time. That will definitely turn him on.

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